Simple Saturdays


Simple Saturdays + 3…4…5…

The Polar Vortex has had some dismal effects this season…delaying spring for starters.  However, with every lemon life gives you it is best to make lemonade–or perhaps in this case lemon snow cones!

With so many school snow days the Saturdays have actually seemed to string themselves into never ending weekends, which in many cases would be a blessing; however, these blessed moments can become exhausting when cooped up indoors for days at a time with young children.  This winter has tested our creativity as a family.  “I’m bored,” has been uttered a fair amount of times, yet we have persevered through this “long winter” and entertained ourselves on a shoestring budget.


Ways to Spend a Simple Saturday (or Simple Snow Day…Simple Ice Day…Simple Sleet Day…Simple Rain Day…)

Puppet Theater

Do you have a coat closet?  If you do, you have a puppet theater.  Empty out a closet.  (You’ve got time–look at the weather outside–you’ve got plenty of time.)  Using old curtains or sheets you can fasten these items to hangers or the wooden rod in the closet. (I looped the tab tops of the curtains over the tops of hangers and hung the hangers on the wooden rod, so the kids could easily slide them to open and close the theater curtains.)  Stuffed animals, character slippers, dolls, socks, or even band aids can become hand and finger puppets.  Are the kids struggling to come up with a play for their new theater?  Not to worry–read a few short stories aloud that can be acted out.  Soon imagination will take over, and you will have a mini Globe Theater in your coat closet.



My children love to cook, but on more evenings than I’d like I’m in a hurry to get dinner on the table–I can’t always wait for my little chefs to catch up with measuring and mixing.  Recently, I have had more hours at home and my little chefs have assisted in making “healthier” muffins and other “treats.”  Not only do we have quality time during our cooking or baking–I often can throw a math lesson in to boot!


Head to Your Digital Library (or Your Home Library)

No need to head out of doors if the weather is making travel unsafe–most libraries have audio and digital books that can be downloaded from home–these offering include children’s book.  Don’t forget your own home library.   Our family visits the library regularly, and we sometimes let those books on our own shelves spend too much time up there–these long days are a great time to revisit old favorites.

Play in the Snow (Indoors or Outdoors)

We may think the snow will always be here. (Spring will come–I saw my daffodils poking out from beneath the ground–I whooped for joy.)  Take advantage of the last of winters offerings and play in the snow.  Last week we enjoyed a simple Saturday/Tuesday making snow people, snow villages, a snow volcano with bubbling lava (food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar), and a snow Stonehenge.  If it is too cold outside, bring the snow inside.  Grab a bowl of snow and add food coloring for a beautiful effect or make miniature snow people (cookie trays work best for this messy project).  If you don’t want to bring the snow in take a lesson from your local preschool teacher–“fake snow” (otherwise known as shaving cream) on a cookie tray or vinyl table cloth will keep kids occupied for ages.

Cuddle, Rest, Take a Nap

How many days on this earth do you just get to sit or rest while holding the ones you love–take this simple day to do just that!

What do you like to do on a simple Saturday (or snow day)?