Simply Living: On Our Own Way


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Right now, in this season, my work pants are old and less than fashionable, our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are homemade, our entertainment comes most often from the public library, and we’ve driven our car for nearly a decade (200,000 miles).  Right now, I can look into my living room and see scaffolding standing erect and pointing to unfinished walls.  When we walk on the first floor of our house, we tread not on hardwood or carpet but sub floors–and on most days I’m okay with this scenario.  This scenario speaks of freedom and choice.

Do we make these choices because we are in debt?  We owe a small amount on our house, and so these choice no longer are a result of debt.  These are intentional choices that allow us to save and not be tied to a career or to be ready for financial storms when they come (and they do).

These choices have allowed me to stay home when our children were infants. Later, these choices supported us through a recession where we found out we were pregnant and laid off on the same day. These choices have allowed for career changes and new dreams in midlife.  In the future we hope these choices will allow our family to give more to others.

Simplicity right now is financial–streamlining our finances to be there when we need it.

Simplicity in whatever form is often a difficult choice.  This is a world where there is a constant hum to become better, own more, and fill our lives with busyness.  I still hear the hum and ignore it often (but not always).

Is my life simple?  Our we saints for living this way?  No.  Life is complicated.  Even striving for simplicity at times can be complicated. It is our hope that this current complicated will lead us to future simplicity in our careers and home life.

My husband and I both work, raise our young children, and remodel on our days off.  That is busy.  In this season it is what we believe to be necessary.  Our simplicity plan right now is hard.  It is an ever changing journey.  However even when it is hard, we keep walking our path and we look out upon the landscape of this journey with an end in mind.  We plan to move soon–to make different life choices–to start a new season.  Our hope is to finish this house towards spring and be ready for that next opportunity that awaits us.  In the meantime, we will keep walking this walk holding firmly to each other’s hands and our children’s.  Our pants may not be fashionable, but our hearts are fashioned to our dreams of less so we can have more.

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