A Well Stocked Life…

A Well Stocked Life 

What exactly is a well stocked life?  For each individual it can mean something different.  It may mean a pantry full of food and ample amounts of toilet paper–or even a substantial rainy day savings account.  For others it is a matter of stockpiling the skills that will move them forward into a desired goal.  It might be having adequate time to spend with those you care for.  It could mean having just enough and being satisfied with what you have.  It could mean all the above.

For me creating a well stocked life is a continual process of growth and change–it is stocking my life with those things that bring the greatest peace and joy to myself and others.  In our home, WHAT IT DOES NOT MEAN is a pantry overloaded with too much food, a closet bulging with an exorbitant amount of clothes, or a houseful of knick knacks that fill all our shelves so there isn’t room for anymore.  I want a life that has room for more–more time, more happiness, more love!  Today, a well stocked life our family is about having less to gain more–

A plan to buy a smaller house is less cleaning and expense and more time to spend with my family and friends

Having fewer items in my wardrobe means less clothes but more opportunities to wear the clothes I love

Fewer items in my pantry means less waste and having more fresh foods that are healthful

Spending fewer days doing things I don’t love creates less anxiety and more time to be passionate about life  

Creating a smaller footprint is less damage to Earth and more beauty for future generations

Each day, I am aiming to align my values with how I fill each moment–by doing this I am creating my own well stocked life–a life full of all the things I cherish the most. 

How are you creating your own well stocked life?


3 thoughts on “A Well Stocked Life…

  1. what’s so surprising to me is that paring down has increased my quality of life tenfold. i had no idea!
    i truly wish someone would’ve led me in this way long before i had kids.
    so i’ve put a stake in the ground & bringing my kids up this way.
    thank you. a well-stocked life is truly something worthy seeking.

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